5 Top Injury Prevention Tips for 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from DeCamillis & Mattingly! Please Use Fireworks Safely to Avoid Injuries and Have a Great Holiday! Celebrating our independence with cookouts, picnics, and … Fireworks! 4th of July is tremendously fun, and at DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC, we hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we will, with friends and … Continued

Preventing the 5 Most Common Personal Injuries

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Tips to Prevent the 5 Most Common Household Injuries. As personal injury attorneys, at DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC, we naturally only hear of tragic events after the fact.  We rarely get the benefit of helping people prevent injuries, but we like to try!  After all, … Continued

Truck Wreck Injuries, Deaths, and Advertising. All Are UP. Why?

Over the last few years, you have probably seen a lot more personal injury law firms advertising, “Truck Wreck?”  As one might expect, the increased advertising is likely fueled by an increase in large, semi-trailer truck wrecks and related injuries, and deaths.  So, what exactly is “UP” with truck wrecks, and why? The high-level summary … Continued

DeCamillis & Mattingly in the News for Bed Race 2018

DeCamillis and Mattingly Running for Our Four-Legged Friends! At DeCamillis & Mattingly, we are all in for a good contest, especially for a good cause, and especially Derby Week! We geared up for the Derby Festival Bed Races this year with our competition team of John DeCamillis, Rob Mattingly, Meghan Huot, Lauren Hincks, and Sarah Shanks … Continued

Fake News and Fair Trials

Fake News and Fair Trials: The Influence of Fake News on Normative Juror Beliefs What does “Fake News” have to do with wrongful death, personal injury, and fair trials? Potentially way too much. The use of re-marketing, re-targeting, cookies and IP-address matching, to target internet users with messaging based on their browsing experience, is not … Continued

Amanda Hartley Article Published by The Advocate

DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC attorney, Amanda Hartley, with her most recently published article, again demonstrates her value to the Louisville community, to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and to the legal profession for her dedication to justice. Published in the September/October 2017 edition of The Advocate, Hartley’s article asserts that participation of Under-Insured Motorist Carriers in trial without identification, is … Continued

Facebook News Feed Changes Don’t Improve Your Facebook Privacy. You do.

As personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, most of our social media experience comes from evidence-related implications of public versus private Facebook data.   Over recent months, we’ve been paying more and more attention to privacy issues and Facebook privacy settings which are important for everyone – not just if you become actively involved in personal … Continued

Texting and Driving, Injury and Death, and a Pledge to Make a Difference

Despite persistent public campaigns to prevent car accidents caused by texting and driving, we at DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC continue to see alarming and steady increases in personal injury and wrongful death caused by texting drivers.  As wrongful death and personal injury attorneys, we regularly come face to face with victims of this tragic trend.  … Continued

Facebook Memorialized Accounts | Impact in Wrongful Death Cases

How do Facebook Memorialized Accounts and Legacy Contacts have an impact in wrongful death claims? The answer should have you (anyone over 18 years old) thinking about your Facebook Legacy options, regardless of health. At DeCamillis & Mattingly, we have substantial experience in handling wrongful death cases, so we come face to face with the topic on a regular … Continued

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