This Memorial Day and “Pool Season”, Remember Drownings are Silent. Stay Alert.

Help reduce searches for Louisville Drowning Attorneys. Prevent Accidents, Especially in Backyard Pools. Unfortunately, when people search for Louisville Drowning Attorneys, and they find us at DeCamillis & Mattingly, it’s too late to prevent a drowning, and we have to get to work on another tragic case. For many Kentuckians, Memorial Day starts the official … Continued

Louisville Personal Injury Attorneys Ask You to SLOW DOWN and Avoid Another Car Wreck

During the COVID-19 pandemic, law enforcement agencies around the nation – and in Louisville, Kentucky – have noticed a frightening increase in speeding and reckless driving.  As personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, we at DeCamillis & Mattingly find this particularly disturbing because speed really does kill.  The problem is, while speedsters don’t plan on … Continued

Labor Day Drownings are Real. Stay Safe this Holiday!

For many Kentuckians, Labor Day marks the official end of summer fun.  Around the Commonwealth, people flock to the lakes and pools for one last hurrah.  With all the excitement, it is easy to forget that more people in and around the water means more people at risk of drowning. Every time someone Googles  “drowning … Continued

Protective Orders Article Written by Amanda Hartley

  Amanda Hartley, a Louisville Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney with DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC, has written a new article published in the March/April 2019 issue of The Advocate. We at DeCamillis & Mattingly continued to be very proud of Amanda’s contributions, not only to our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death firm and clients, … Continued

Wrongful Death Lawyers for Grateful Living

Perspective of Louisville Wrongful Death Lawyers: Be grateful every day. The job of a wrongful death lawyer isn’t more important than any other job.  But, much like police officers and emergency medical technicians, our job does uniquely give us a constant perspective of appreciation for life. As we recently mentioned in our blog about grief … Continued

Personal Injury is Personal

If you sustain personal injury or someone you love dies due to the wrongful act of another person or company, you want and need to consult an attorney.  When you do, be prepared for questions – the attorney’s questions and your questions. If you think “personal injury” is a broad term, you’re right. There is no limit … Continued

Grieving After a Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Grief is Different When a loved one dies, we hurt.  At some point in our lives, we will all lose someone we love, and we will all grieve.  But, all grief is not created equal. Those confronted by the sudden, unexpected death of someone they love will face not only the dramatic sense of … Continued

5 Top Injury Prevention Tips for 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from DeCamillis & Mattingly! Please Use Fireworks Safely to Avoid Injuries and Have a Great Holiday! Celebrating our independence with cookouts, picnics, and … Fireworks! 4th of July is tremendously fun, and at DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC, we hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we will, with friends and … Continued

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