Due to the extremely dangerous nature of electricity, those responsible for its production and transmission owe residents the utmost or highest duty of care.  This utmost duty of care is, therefore, owed when constructing, managing, maintaining, repairing, installing, and operating electric lines.  This duty applies, for example, when someone comes into contact with a high voltage line.

Electrocution can occur due to some action or inaction on the part of a utility company, but electrocutions can also occur due to the action or inaction of some other entity or individual which owns or controls equipment and/or electric lines.  If the utility merely transmits power through another’s facility or lines, the utility is not necessarily primarily liable.  Each case involves a thorough investigation of the respective duties and responsibilities of any potential parties.  A utility company must take reasonable steps to reduce the danger associated with high voltage lines.  For example, if a utility company knows someone might come into contact with an active wire, the utility company must insulate the line, post warning signs, or take other precautions.

In Kentucky, the Public Service Commission regulates over 1,500 utilities.  The Commission is a three member administrative body operated with the goal of providing safe and reliable services in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  As part of the Commission’s duties, it oversees activities such as the construction and operation of facilities, the operation of utilities, and compliance with safety regulations.  Public Safety Commission Regulations and Laws are found in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, Chapters 74, 278, 279, and 81.  Any law firm handling electrocution and utility negligence cases must have a thorough understanding of these laws and regulations.

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