At DeCamillis & Mattingly, PLLC, we take cases we are confident we can win for you. If we believe our colleagues from other firms are better situated to handle  your case, we will refer you to them. They do the same for us, particularly for wrongful death and personal injury cases.

In other words, if you believe that a person or company has caused you suffering and/or loss for which you should be compensated, you have nothing to lose by calling DeCamillis & Mattingly first. When you call or come through our doors, we want to understand your situation and immediately begin the right course of action for you.

You  want to make your first call to the firm with a record of winning your type of case and securing the greatest possible compensation – which you deserve for your pain, suffering, and loss. Take a look at our specialty practice areas, and click the links on the left-hand side of this page to learn more.

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We have vast experience, knowledge and success in the following and more areas of practice:

  • Wrongful Death
    If you believe that the lost life of a loved one was caused by the actions or negligence of a person, company or environment, you should act quickly to contact the wrongful death attorneys at DeCamillis & Mattingly for a no-cost consult to evaluate your case. Remember, if your case is pursued, you have no legal fees unless money is recovered for your pain, suffering or loss. If we feel that another firm is better suited for getting the maximum possible recovery for you, we will refer you. Our Reputation is Our Trademark, so we always want to assure that it’s always in your best interest to make your first call to DeCamillis & Mattingly.
  • Personal Injury
    Personal injury law simply refers to any legal action resulting from an injury to a person.  Each of our practice areas, other than criminal law, involves personal injury. DeCamillis & Mattingly’s experience includes all types of personal injury claims including claims involving explosions, boats, falls, fires, and assault and battery.  For specific types of injury related areas of practice, see Motor Vehicle CollisionsWrongful DeathLarge and Semi-Truck CollisionsInsurance LawLiquor LiabilityDrowningsElectrocution and Utility NegligencePremises Liability, and Products Liability.
  • Large and Semi-Truck Collisions &
    Motor Vehicle Collisions

    Over 50% of long-haul truck drivers report falling asleep at the wheel during some point of their career. Due to the danger and impact of large and semi-truck collisions, the industry is highly regulated.  At DeCamillis & Mattingly, we have the experience to negotiate the complex regulations governing commercial motor vehicles for any types of accidents, and particularly semi truck collisions, since companies are likely involved. If you are involved in a truck wreck or any motor vehicle collision, call us immediately, as accident evidence may be very quickly cleaned and then gone.
  • Insurance Law and Unfair Insurance Practices
    In Kentucky alone, there are volumes of law regulating insurance.  Did you know it’s illegal for an insurance company to raise your rates due to an accident that wasn’t your fault?  KRS §304.20-045 states, “no insurer shall increase the premium on an automobile liability insurance policy solely as a result of a claim for an automobile accident filed by an insured if the insured was not at fault nor contributorily negligent.”  There’s no need to avoid making a claim on an accident that wasn’t your fault, for fear of your rates being raised. However, you also have nothing to lose by calling DeCamillis & Mattingly for a free consult, if you are in doubt of whether or not to file a claim, or if the fault of the accident is unclear. We know the complexities of Insurance Law, and we always want to assist anyone who calls us for help.
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