LMPD and family of victim settle lawsuit

The Louisville Police Department and the city admit they were at fault and settle with a woman whose son was killed by a Louisville Metro Policeman.

On January 30, 2006, Derek Butler was coming home from choir practice. In a split second his life was taken away. A police officer driving the wrong way, speeding on a one way street, hit his car.

“I lost a good son, but I’m thinking with this settlement, I can begin to move forward,” said Marsha Butler, victim’s mother.

Two years ago her 38-year-old son’s life ended in a mangled mess on Dr. W.J. Hodge Street. Derek Butler had just finished choir practice. A Louisville Metro Policeman, Jason Brown was driving the wrong way on the one way street and struck Butler’s Mitsubishi.

“It caused just a very horrific accident that probably as we look back on it could have been avoided from the beginning,” said John DeCamillis, family attorney.

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